Our Product

Kilty Gin

Lovingly distilled in the heart of Scotland

Kilty Gin is a bold, juniper led London Dry Style Gin, or should we say, Dunblane Dry Gin?

A total of 10 different botanicals were carefully selected to give the perfect balance for Kilty Gin. Rowan berries are one of the key signature botanicals in Kilty Gin. We hand pick Rowan berries from just outside the distillery (and all over Scotland when we are away on trips). They add a unique sweet but crisp flavour that sits perfectly with the other 9 botanicals.

The Rowan tree (mountain ash tree) is synonymous with Scotland and always seemed a very fitting botanical to use, especially as my favourite tune to play on the bagpipes as a kid was ‘The Rowan tree’.  Look out for these small red berries in October when they are fully ripe. We freeze ours straight away to keep them fresh throughout the year.


Tasting Notes

When you first pour yourself a Kilty Gin we recommend you initially give the glass a swirl and smell the gin neat.  You will be welcomed by a bold but welcoming juniper nose followed up by the higher floral notes of the heather tips and the enticing orange and cardamom elements.

Moving on to the palate you’ll notice the rowan berries imparting a rounded sweetness and the cardamom provides a lovely warming character. Towards the end a clear crispness comes through from the pink peppercorns.  Orange and cardamom end the show as they gradually fade away to leave soft, pleasant finish.

Serving Suggestions

After testing dozens of garnishes, we feel that Kilty Gin is joined perfectly either by a slice of fresh grapefruit or a sprig of heather.  The slight bitterness of the grapefruit perfectly compliments the sweet and warm characteristics of Kilty Gin.  Alternatively the heather adds further floral elements with undertones of pine.

For tonic, we have found a classic Indian style tonic works wonderfully well or alternatively, a Mediterranean tonic is a great  partner too.  We would love to hear if you have a favourite tonic for your Kilty Gin!