Our Story

Our story started with a passion for Scotland’s most famous spirit, whisky. Having fallen in love with the history, romanticism, quality and variety of Scotch Whisky (not to mention the taste), I was inspired to in my lifetime create my own spirit that could itself start its own lasting legacy.

Never even having tried a gin and tonic until 6 years ago, I was instantly won over when I was introduced by a friend to this classic but almost forgotten spirit. Refreshing, but itself full of character, a timeless drink that had been sleeping for far too long.

Starting out as a fun idea but developing in to a passion and drive to bring you a fantastic product, its taken almost 2 years for us to get to this point from our first conception of the idea to create our own gin. We didn’t want to rush our product and bring you something half hearted. We have put our hearts and souls in to this to bring you a gin that we can truly be proud of. Endless amounts of time researching, educating and refining our gin has been spent to ensure we are bringing you a product of the highest quality. We are delighted to invite you to join the adventure.