Meet the team

Meet the team

Although I started Kilty Gin, I couldn’t have done it without the amazing help from my family.

To be honest, the most important person in the team is my mum. She is incredibly shy and when I ask to take a photo as she works her way through hand labelling 200 bottles every batch, she tends to decline politely but firmly.

When I first took delivery of the first few hundred glass bottles that I use for Kilty Gin, it soon became apparent that due to their tapered shape, a standard labelling machine wouldn’t work for applying the unique labels. The kind of label machine I would need would cost thousands of pounds. I am hugely grateful to my mum for stepping in and offering to literally hand label every single bottle (4 labels per bottle!!) and then hand write on each batch and bottle number. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of how much she helps out, taking on the role of many of the boring admin jobs also, of which there are loads! I am incredibly grateful!!

Dad is also hugely willing to help in whichever way he can and will often be found helping out with the distilling itself and anything that requires physically working hard. He loves keeping fit and certainly a day in the distillery is no rest day.

Here is a photo I’ve managed to find taken last year, with my mum on the left, me on the right, dad and brother in the middle and definitely not forgetting, Sandy, the family dog, also in the middle.

Whenever you next have a glass of gin, I encourage you to raise a glass to family! Cheers

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