Kilty Cranachan Pink Gin


Kilty Cranachan Pink Gin – 40% Vol 50cl



Inspired by the famous Scottish dessert, Kilty Cranachan is distilled with the finest Scottish Oats, honey and raspberries. Still a classic gin, but a sweeter alternative to our classic Kilty London dry style gin.

Lovingly distilled in the Cathedral city of Dunblane, located in the heart of Scotland.

Each batch of less than 200 bottles is distilled by myself and my father here in Dunblane. A true Scottish craft spirit.


Botanicals: Distilled with Scottish oats, honey and raspberries. Of course also distilled, the signature hand picked rowan berries.

Further botanicals include Juniper (still the main botanical), coriander, lemon peel and angelica root.

The raspberries on honey are individually distilled on our 3 litre ‘Rotavap’ still. This allows us to carry out the distillation under a special vacuum at 40-60’C which preserves the fine, delicate flavours of the raspberries and honey. This is then added to the main distillation and left to rest for two weeks.


Perfect Serve: Perfectly served with three raspberries and a slice of lemon. We recommended using a regular Indian tonic or the Kilty Cranachan pink gin goes incredibly well with lemonade. Definitely a must try!