Limited Edition Ben Nevis Snow Melt Kilty Gin


Kilty Ben Nevis Gin – 44.3% Vol 50cl



Want to add an entirely unique gin to your collection, then surely this is it?

I wanted to combine my two passions of the great Scottish outdoors and quality Scottish spirits, so I climbed up Ben Nevis (via the CMD arete for those of you who know Ben Nevis) to collect snow from the very top of Ben Nevis in to two 15 litre fermentation buckets. These were duly carried down the mountain and made their way back to the distillery in Dunblane, by which time they had mainly turned from Ben Nevis summit snow in to Ben Nevis snow melt.

I used this Ben Nevis snow melt to distil locally hand picked rowan berries on a special piece of distilling equipment called a Rotovap Still. This ultra premium still only allows me to distil enough for 17 bottles at a time. The remainder of the distillation is carried out on the main still and the two unique distillations blended together to create Kilty Nevis Gin. It runs along a similar vein to the classic Kilty gin but the unique 2 still distillations, along with changes to the botanical elements profile & resultant bottling strength of 44.3% abv make this Kilty gin truly unique.

After hand filling each bottle, they are sealed with silver wax and labelled with bespoke Harvey Map Ben Nevis summit labels.

Harvey maps are a fantastic map making business located just a few miles down the road from where Kilty gin is distilled, in Doune (also famous for the series Outlander and Monty Python). We wanted to make these bottles really special and Harvey maps kindly allowed us to use their excellent Ben Nevis Summit map to adorn the labels of this limited Kilty Nevis Gin



Rowan Berries hand picked and distilled on a Buchi Rotavap still using Ben Nevis snow melt. This preserves the crisp, sweet flavour of the Rowan berries and uses as much of the Ben Nevis snow melt as possible.

The second distillation is carried out on the main still. I decided to use fresh oranges from the Marks and Spencers food-hall which is located close by to the Kilty gin distillery. This helps keeps a fresh and natural flavour.

Of course, you’ll find all the usual gin making suspects of juniper, corriander and angelica along with heather tips and delicious cardamon pods.


Perfect Serve: Perfectly served with a slice of red or pink grapefruit. If you like your gin classic, go with an Indian Tonic or alternatively try a Pomelo & Pink Pepper tonic (made by the London Essence Company)